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We all love selfies and we cannot deny it. I am happy to be generation of selfie generation. Selfie is addictive and we are obsessed of it in our daily routine life. Social media platforms permit people to share everyday facts about life. There are some people posting selfies that are art, some posting selfies for fun and some of them sharing selfie just for something to say. Selfie is nothing but become part of our culture. I like being able to see my friends and family, my social media selfie web. Click, edit, post, repeat or re-edit, re-post, repeat, show off your moods, food, your angles through camera hand held or selfie stick. But do we know the selfie trends over the time.
Here, I am gonna tell you, trends of selfies so that you can take perfect nonchalant selfie showing off yourself to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat and be your own kind of Selfie Queen and Kind.

Now, I brought you up-to-date about selfie trends, grab your phone or digital camera and take lots of selfies !

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