My Stylish Thoughts on Ethnic Shopping – What to wear on Diwali eve?

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The festival bring with it religious rituals and ceremonies practiced by countless Hindu families all over the world. But Diwali is much more than just a religious time. Colorful Rangolis, dazzling Diyas, mesmerizing firecrackers, mouth watering food, nightlong card parties, hearty gift giving and a massive dose of amusement and laughter with family and friends are all the ingredients that make up the recipe for a smashing Diwali.

Shopping for Diwali clothes is as much a part of its customs. We enjoy heartily Diwali shopping and exchange gift with our beloved ones.

Here are my some stylish thoughts for Diwali

#1 Saree – shapes and patterns

#2 Suits – stylish and lines

#3 Skirts – traditional and modern

So, update your Wishlist and lets go for shopping!  

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