6 Tips to Save your Skin from Pollution!

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Here are some important tips to protect your skin from pollution and combat its harmful effects. These will definitely help rejuvenate your complexion. Smog, dirt and dust in the air clog pores and make the skin appear dull. With age your skin begins to lose moisture and elasticity but pollution is one of the main sources of skin damage, since toxins in the air cause the skin on your face, neck and hands to age prematurely. But don’t panic, check out the tips here

#1 Always Moisturise your skin

Dust and smoke particles can be washed away and the effects are safeguarded, all thanks to your moisturizer. Lakmé Maximum Moist Moisturiser Peach Milk is my all time favourite.

#2 Weather is smoggy or no, do not forget your Sunscreen
You may not be able to see the sun, but the UV rays are wrecking your skin without you even noticing, wear a sunscreen even if the sun is hidden behind a shield of smog.

#3 Drink water a lot

Water flushes out toxins, it is healthy to drink water and stay hydrated.

#4 Clean up your Skin Religiously

Make sure you get regular clean-ups and facials to purge and even out your skin. Blackheads and whiteheads left unattended can develop into severe acne which may be harder to treat as time passes

#5 Antitoxidants, YES !

Citrus fruits and greens are an excellent source of antioxidants. These foods can literally make you glow. 

#6 Masks to fight dryness

Combine basic ingredients such as turmeric, lemon and honey into masks to rejuvenate your skin, Do it yourself babe.

Yo Babe ! Its time to GLOW 🙂

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