10 Fashion Terms You’ve Been Getting Wrong Your Whole Life

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We are sure you have getting wrong these fashion terms your whole life. Did it happen with you that you go out shopping but could not shop because you are unable to find it as you don’t know what it is called? Make sure you’re familiar with the common fashion terminology listed below. You might even try using some yourself to really impress! This will help you on your way to sounding like a true fashionista. Take a look at some of must know fashion terms.

#1 Real term is Pool Sliders not Slip On Chappals.
#2 Stop calling it Suit Shirt, there is no term. Tuxedo Shirt it is.

#3 Next time you will call it Camisole not tank top, right ?

#4 Not all Bodycons are Bandage dresses.

#5 Mary Janes shoes we wore to school as little girls, remember ?

#6 Strap does not make dress Spaghetti dress. This is called Slip dress.

#7 Muffler is more long and straight. Infinity scarf is what girls throw around their neck.

#8 Surprisingly, High Neck is nothing. Call it Turtleneck.
#9 When your toes peep through, they are Peeptoes not Pumps.
#10 Huge difference between Salwar and Dhoti Pants. They are Dhoti Pants

Now, you know what’s called what? You can call them like a boss. Spread the knowledge 🙂 

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