OMG! I’m In Love With My Grey Matte Nail Paint

By April 28, 2017October 4th, 2017No Comments
Hi everyone! Shiny Polished nails have been done for years now i think its awesome to have something different! One of my most favorite nail trends is the matte nails. Especially matte grey nails that gives me uber sexy touch. While there are plenty of matte color polishes, I recommend buying a matte top coat that way you can turn any polish into a matte finish. Don’t be afraid to play around with colors and different styles. One way of doing it is you can paint the nail with the matte top coat but leave the tips shiny or vice versa. I like gel and long wear polishes for a longer lasting paint job. MissNails makes both gel polishes and matte top coat for a very affordable price. Let’s hurry up hop to my new nail paint crush. xoxo

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I also recommend trying the colors white, grey and red, which all turn out looking really great! Do let me in the comments below how do you like my new nail paint crush.

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