5 Tips To Keep Your Old Fashion Items Brand New

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We all fashionistas know that how much we love our clothes. We all have a few favorite fashion items that we never ever want to part with. We will assure that those worries gone! You do not need to thinking about that wine-stained top you ruined while partying or that pencil skirt you wanted to wear on meeting with clients. Here are 5 easy ways to keep your clothes looking new that too always!
#1 Get the shine back with white vinegar
If your favorite clothes losing their shine and softness, dip them in a bucket of water and add a cap full of white vinegar.
#2 Powder To Get Rid Of Oil Stains
The powder absorbs the oil and helps blotch it out. You can do it again for maximum effect.
#3 Velcro To Remove Piling
Remove pilling from your clothes by pressing the velcro on the fabric and pulling it off.
#4 Carbonated Water For Those Harsh Stains
Mix equal parts carbonated water and still water and dip the stained area in the mix for up to ten minutes.
#5 Vinegar To Keep Your Denims From Fading
This will ensure your jeans stay new and retain their color for a longer period.
Do it once to save your clothes life, you can Thanks us later!

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