Review One Day : Ode To Passion – Poetry Book By Deepika Butola

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This is a blog of poetry book and we have done a quick review. We talk about books that excite us for whatever reason, interview poets that we want to know more about. A collection of poems, an anthology that express author personal feelings about the ecstasy of love and the pain of separation; the joy of togetherness and the sadness of separation; highs of inspiration and lows of depression. A very personal journey through life and love. Book name is One Day : Ode To Passion and it is available on Amazon. We must say, author Deepika Butola has poured her heart and soul to write her feelings and pen down on paper. There are 10 poetry in the book and new breathtaking collection of the poetry written as musical etudes.

Download a free ebook full of poems inspired by true feelings. Highly recommended.

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