Almost all the parts of India have seen the temperature crossing 40 degree Celsius. The sudden rise in temperature from normal to extremely hot can make a person sick due to exposure to bacteria. Additionally, it can weaken the immune system and make one more prone to germs. At some places, it has crossed 45 degrees. To make sure your summer is as healthy and care-free as it could be, here some tips to make sure you’re protected against the most common summer woes. Look at the five essentials to stay safe from the heat of summer.

#1 Stay Hydrated
The need to keep hydrated in the summer months cannot be emphasized enough. Your body loses fluids through sweat, which will leave you feeling exhausted. To combat this, make sure you carry a bottle of water or juice with you when you’re heated out and just keep sipping on it through the day.

#2 Sunscreen
You are never too dark or too fair to use sunscreen. While having a lighter skin tone does make you more prone to sunburn, darker skin tones need protection from long hours of harsh sunshine too.

#3 Wear Sunglasses
Sunglasses are chic and stylish. They prevent harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from scorching your corneas and protect your eyes from many more summers to come. 

#4 Carry A Cotton Stole/Scarf
Become a smart traveller and carry a cotton stole/scarf to prevent your face muddy and damage. To protect our skin and hair from getting damaged which is a smart summer fashion. It help to protect your face from the sun and will give glow to your face looking young and wrinkle free. 
#5 Have Light Meals
In summer, you must avoid taking heavy meals. Instead of having a larger meal, take small proportions of it three to four times. Whether it is your breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, keep it light.

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