Remember that adorable bag you bought online, and took it out for a date only to realize it accommodates your phone, a lipstick and your money. What’s more, they’re an easy way to dress up a plain outfit. A pop of print with one of these tote bags would look great with a jersey dress, or an otherwise plain jeans-and-tshirt outfit.

If your workplace is generally a place where dress code isn’t enforced, a fun printed tote bag can carry your makeup, money, phone accessories, headphones for distraction-free work and even a little pack of biscuits to snack. If you’re taking a short trip to the beach town nearest to your city, a tote bag can serve as your luggage. No, really. You can fit in your sunscreen, your bikinis, your shorts and t-shirts, a pair of flip flops and your cash and you’re all set! If you’re going on a fun street shopping date with your best friend, carry a tote bag along and you’ll be all set. There won’t be any need to waste plastic bags to wrap your favourite bargain clothes and jewellery and you’ll need to keep track of only one bag.

If you’re looking for a bag that’ll be your best friend, hold every one of your essential and non-essential things without giving up on you, get one now, A Tote bag!

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