Whether it’s eating more mindfully, logging a few extra hours at the gym, or even improving our sleep cycles, we often set health-centered resolutions for the New Year. When considering ways to improve your overall health in 2018, why not improve your oral health, too? As a woman experiences a variety of hormonal changes throughout life, it’s essential to maintain proper dental care to alleviate gum inflammation and avoid any permanent damage.

Dental health awareness should be assessed on a regular basis as our mouth is a mirror to our body and reflects our general health and well-being. Thank you Clove and GreyMattersPR making us a part of this bloggers lounge which was an initiative by Fijeeha to spread awareness about the importance of oral hygiene and regular check ups of our gums and teeth!! It was an informative event all together. The team of Dentists at Clove are highly qualified and regularly trained in best international practices in Dentistry. Clove has best interior as well. Below are few pictures from the meet.

Pic Source : http://instagram.com/deepikabutola

Finally, make sure to stop by your Clove office for a regular check-up. Happy Teeth!

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