First of all I missed you a lot mom, this women’s day was the day I wanted to spend with you the most but nevertheless This International women’s day Ariel India, in its 3rd year of #ShareTheLoad initiative, invited us to be a part of the  meetupevent at DLF Select City Mall and for special screening of the movie Captain Marvel, along with the celebrity family, Ravi Dubey, his lovely mother and the beautiful Sargun Mehta.

From the event meetup for Ariel India Son #ShareTheLoad

The campaign journey – From questioning is laundry only a woman’s job to Sons #ShareTheLoad With Sons #ShareTheLoad, Ariel urges mothers to be the changemakers of the society and hence relook at the way they raise their sons. A laundry detergent brand would go on to burst stereotypes surrounding women and their responsibilities adhering to societal norms.

This thought provoking campaign by Ariel has indeed worked amazingly well in changing the thought process of men in the family. The way these men try to help out the superwomen in their house, is commendable. Also, request to all the men out there to please feel the load of your special ladies carry on them. Help them with household things like cooking, cleaning and washing. Share the load and be the super human. Love you all. Happy Women’s day and its for everyone. Let’s have a look at the pictures from the meetup event.

P.S. “This post is a part of the #ShareTheLoad movement by Ariel in association with BlogAdda

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