Heya, Welcome back to my blog. I’m writing after long time, Amusement park is everyone’s childhood fantasy. Games, adventurous sports and MastiiiZone is all what people like us look for. From mesmerizing VR games to cheerful snow mastiii, from wow bowling area to crazy zipline, from colorful trampoline Park to scary house of the dead, MastiiiZone is one of a kind place in Delhi NCR to have one memorable day.

I recommend all the readers to do visit the snow zone with your family, friends and loved ones. Snow zone is a definite place if you need to take a Switzerland feel at minimal prizes and in NCR.

It’s an indoor snow themed park where you can experience amazing rang of snow attractions at minus 12 degree Celsius. Play with real snow flakes, enjoy fresh snow fall, take adventurous snow rides and shake your legs with the snow DJ, all in one place!

WOW! What an amazing day it was, full of adventure, celebrations and lots of joy with the partners in crime at MastiiiZone.


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