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So, recently you have seen me travelling to Alwar, hope you had enjoyed my stories on my Instagram and Snapchat by Chauffer driven car provided by AVIS. I was looking to rent a car for my 3 days trip to Alwar. I checked out and then I came to find out that Avis is pushing very strongly in India and have a wide range of cars available.
Since, I wanted the car to be chauffeur driven, AVIS was the best suited for my needs. The car arrived at the location on time and was immaculately clean, convenient and the service personnel were polite and efficient.
In the constant endeavor to ensure passenger  comfort and understanding of local needs, it is working with the latest technology and robust networking system. It ensures real-time tracking of the car booked along with GPS enabled transparent payment system.
My customer experience was delightful – it was more than person-to-person service and thanks to technology used, I’d say every interaction, end-to-end, to be the best experience with Avis Rental Car. Happy Journey xo

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